6 best performing smartphones 4gb ram –

6 best performing smartphones 4gb ram :


 What are the most promising smartphones of the moment? A mini guide to gadgets that more than others have distinguished themselves in recent months in terms of performance and functionality

The next Mobile World Congress promises to be one of the least rich in recent years , an edition that could be without the flagship phones of various manufacturers. Anyone who hopes that by the end of February the smartphone world may be unrecognizable compared to today’s so it will do better to put your heart in peace, but who today intends to bring home a beautiful device , powerful, complete and able to hold the weight of the years , however, is spoiled for choice: fortunately the 2017 from this point of view has been a year full of news. So these are the 6 best phones that you can buy at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Presented in August, the extra large telephone of the Korean group is actually designed for those who do not mind working with the smartphone (as evidenced by the presence of the S-Pen , the digital nib with housing in the body, a case remained virtually unique in its gender).

Yet the quality of the design, the beauty of the oled panel with reduced frames and the shots made by the dual camera with both lenses optically stabilized have made it a best seller that has met the favors of a wider audience than the original.

Google Pixel 2 XL

The first smartphone with the Google brand to see the light in Italy is a special device because of its close link with the search engine giant. Among the reasons why prefer it to others are the Android operating systemconstantly updated and identical to how the original developers have designed it, but also the ability to recall Google Assistant simply by tightening the frame of the phone in the palm of the hand.

Above all, however, the smartphone is distinguished by an exceptional photographic industry, enhanced by algorithms of artificial intelligencethat combine several shots recorded sequentially in a single picture of superior quality.

Apple iPhone X


Probably the most talked about smartphone of the last 10 years, for better or for worse. IPhone X affect the quality and irregular shape of the OLED screen , but also the dual camera assisted by algorithms of artificial intelligence and able to shoot portraits with particularly advanced graphic effects. Of course, the fingerprint reader disappears, but the Cupertino phone gains on alternative models a cutting-edge facial recognition that allows the unlocking of the phone in all conditions and the use of augmented reality applications (like the Animoji) also through the front camera.

Lg V30

Surprising enough to have overtaken in popularity even what for the Korean Lg was to be the real flagship device for 2017, or Lg G6. The gadget arrived on the market in November meets all the demands of the most demanding users – from the display in 18: 9 finally realized with oled technology to an excellent audio segment in high resolution – putting on the plate even more with the dual camera: a unit that on the one hand it mounts a more unique and rare wide – angle secondary lens , and on the other side it records excellent videos with dozens of parameters that can be set.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro


Advertised as the first smartphone with artificial intelligence on the face of the planet, the gadget of the Chinese group ends up being appreciated for other more showy aspects, such as design finally at the level of the best products of the adversaries and a photographic sector in most cases height of that of more expensive products. Moreover, always compared to a lower price than that of the competition , offers a double 4G sim slot and excellent autonomy in the face of performance at the highest level.

OnePlus 5T

Since its inception, the Chinese OnePlus has given itself the mission of producing top-quality smartphones at affordable prices , and its latest model could be the one that best meets these characteristics. Wide display 18: 9 full HD, Snapdragon 835 processor, dual camera 16 and 20 Mpixel, memory in amount and 3300 mAh battery on OnePlus 5T are all present under the body: the result is a phone performance difficult to match , that without excelling in any of the other areas can easily be preferred by 80% of the public.

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