Review Motorola Moto G5s & Moto G5s Plus

Review Motorola Moto G5s & Moto G5s Plus:

Review motorola moto g5s is available here. Lenovo has updated its Motorola Moto G5 and G5 Plus very quickly, just a few months after the release and a bit of surprise, two slightly revised hardware variants, called Motorola Moto G5S and Motorola Moto G5S Plus,arrived on the market .

In today’s focus we propose an update of the reviews of the initial models since they are not real news but of light upgrades, especially aesthetic and peripherals.we would like to say that these 2 product was able to convince us, while the other was a half disappointment after the excellent evaluation of the first version: we explain everything in our in-depth video.


Review Motorola Moto G5s & Moto G5s Plus

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Motorola Moto G5S

The update of the “little one” is the one that has been successful: the improvement has been seen on almost everything starting with the aesthetic and constructive quality.
Bello the aluminum back that makes the cover no longer removable but at the same time gives a more refined look.

Very positive also the improvement of the screen to body ratio, in the same dimensions of the previous model (144.3 x 73 x 9.5 mm) there is now a 5.2-inch display with a diagonal that is then increased by 0.2 inches.

color is very nice, less lively than the first generation. The resolution remains FullHD, as is unchanged the extraordinary readability under direct sunlight.

Motorola Moto G5S received a small but significant hardware upgrade, finally equipped with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.
The repercussion on usability is considerable and now the smartphone moves much better, without any lag or jamming even opening several apps in succession.

Another improvement aspect concerns the autonomy, now strong of a 3000 mAh battery compared to the 2800 of Moto G5, able to take you to the evening easily touching the 5h active display.
A change that has not brought any particular improvement has been the introduction of a mono speaker in the lower edge, instead of always using the headset capsule, the audio in call is now managed separately and the multimedia or speakerphone. The idea itself is excellent but it has not given us such positive feedback in reality, mainly because the speaker employed is not of great quality.

The latest news for Moto G5S concern the photographic industry, the front cam remains from 5 mega pixels but gets a small boost of light from F / 2.2 to F / 2.0, while the main one increases in resolution from 12 to 13 mega pixels.
The selfies are much better and now really above average, the photographs taken with the rear sensor do not seem improved and remain on discrete levels, especially in the evening where the focus is almost always slow and difficult and the noise abundant.

Motorola Moto G5S Plus

By now you have understood that what has convinced us less was him, Moto G5S Plus, which compared to the predecessor worsens on many aspects and improves on a few.

Among the latter, the most evident is the construction quality, full body in aluminum, beautiful, rocky and premium. Finally the design has improved compared to the ugly Moto G5 Plus, which could be said to be very good but not aesthetically interesting.

The other positive aspect is audio, as for the Moto G5S the mono speaker solution has been abandoned with a “pumped” ear capsule to switch to a classic speaker on the lower edge. Here, however, the quality is definitely good, a cut above the first generation and even above average for the price range.

As we anticipated, however, there are also some inexplicable sins, including the abandonment of the “magic” slot of Motorola, in which two nano SIM and a microSD could be mounted simultaneously.
With this “upgrade to the contrary” you have to choose whether to use the space to expand the memory or take advantage of a second SIM.

Another sore point is the display, perhaps lost for a sRGB calibration that just amazes given the quality and liveliness of the colors of the first model.
Always readable under the sun, but an important arrow has emerged from the first Moto G5 Plus.

Nothing changes in the hardware and here we feel like pulling the ears to Lenovo because the price has risen but the data sheet is still the same: Snapdragon 625, 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal memory, missing the compass and missing the Type-C port, at least one random of these specifications could be improved (especially the magnetometer).

The icing on the omelette, passing the term, is to have managed to ruin the flagship of the first generation, or the photographic industry.
It would have been enough not to change anything, or maybe just update the front cam as has been rightly done, instead Lenovo has yielded to the fashion of the dual camera by inserting two sensors from 13 megapixel F / 2.0.

In itself this would good option, but camera sometimeproblematic and not very interesting in practice.
If only the second cam did not work well then we could judge the hardware revision not useful, but our severity stems from the fact that it is the general quality of the images to be involute.
On the Moto G5S Plus you need a lot of light to get shots of good quality, in any case the focus is not very fast and the image is only mediocre.
In the evening we go very badly, unfortunately not only compared to the previous model but also below the average for the price range.
An inexplicable and avoidable empty passage.

In conclusion

in short, lenovo is quite better than Motorola Moto G5S the improvements have been many and the device is ready to face head-on the period that separates us from the spring 2018, when the new generation will most likely arrive.
It is one of the best android mobile with good qulity+ / price ratio, balanced and free of particular defects.

On the Motorola Moto G5S Plus we can not express ourselves as positively, although it remains a great product we have not found any real reasons to prefer it to its predecessor, the improvements on the front cam and design are not enough and remain ballasted by the decline in photographic performance and lack of simultaneous support for two SIMs and microSDs.

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