Review of redmi of 4a 32gb

Review of redmi of 4a 32gb:

Review Xiaomi Redmi 4A – Xiaomi lately launched a large number of devices, from the beautiful and innovative Mi Mix, to the fantastic Redmi 4 Pro , passing through the updated version of the flagship, Xiaomi Mi5 S.

Today, however, we remain on the entry level and we talk about the cheapest variant of the 2016 line: Xiaomi Redmi 4A .

Super cheap, with an interesting technical card and some compromises, but without a doubt the best possible choice on a budget.

Review of redmi of 4a 32gb price in india

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The package contains a wall power supply with Chinese plug with output 5V – 1A, very slow in charging (at least 3h), the pin to remove the drawer for nano sim and microSD / microSIM, a USB-MicroUSB cable, there are no headphones .

Hardware & Connectivity

We are facing an entry level product with absolutely basic hardware, the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425, quad-core 1.4GHz with all Cortex-A53 cores, accompanied by an Adreno 308 GPU and 2 GB of RAM.

Inbuild memory is 16gb renouncing the second slot sim.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A does not has finger sensor, on the other hand sees the presence of an infrared emitter, is then equipped with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer.

There are no lack of light and proximity sensors.

From the point of view of connectivity the only gap to be reported is the band at 800 MHz for LTE frequencies, is instead the WiFi with a / b / g / n dual band protocol, bluetooth 4.1, GPS (without support to GALILEO) and the FM Radio.
The lack of the NFC chip is less serious.

The entry level of Xiaomi is a dual sim, dual stanby and we have not verified any problem in the reception, a very positive aspect given the less reassuring passages of the Chinese house.



The body of Xiaomi Redmi 4A is totally plastic, does not seem, however, a delicate smartphone. Of course the touch and feel is not the best, but a monocoque plastic construction has its merits.

First of all it is very light (131 grams), it is particularly handy and easy to hold.We found it particularly suitable for those who want to take it behind during sports practice.

The thickness is considerable, we see that Xiaomi has not worked too much in thinking about the design of this product, doing little to give it a less “cheap”, but in general we must always consider that on the same price range is not found nothing equally solid and well-assembled.

Display, Audio & Multimedia

This paragraph is the most unfavorable one for Xiaomi Redmi 4A .

The display is a 5-inch HD LCD panel, perfect size even considering that the keys are soft-touch (not backlit) and so we can fully exploit the size of the screen.

On the quality we found what we would have expected: a discreet display, with soft colors, shallow blacks, and just enough backlighting.

We have to technically evaluate the product, for this reason we are critical, but do not expect to find something unusable or unwatchable, indeed we are facing a better unit than many other more expensive smartphones. Clearly, however, if we have to compromise, the display is the first sector to pay the consequences.

On the audio we do not go well, the headset in call has a slightly dirty sound with a constant background noise that gives a little ‘annoyance. The speaker is poor, not very powerful and deep and positioned on the back, in the worst way.


If for the media we have had to say, for the photographic one we can uncork a bottle! He amazed us from every point of view.

The rear camera is 13 mega pixels, with monochromatic LED flash, no frills.
But the photos are of high quality, especially during the day where they show many details and unexpected clarity.

At night the quality drops a little but remains abundantly above average for entry-level devices. What Xiaomi has finally found the framework for the photographic industry? Let’s hope!

Selfies and videos are also good, we can not spend more words of praise but we always remain on good standards.

Battery & Autonomy

The battery is 3120 mAh and it was reasonable to expect a good autonomy.In fact it is so, Xiaomi Redmi 4A holds a day of intense use without major problems, but without reaching the levels of Redmi 4 Pro .

In numerical terms, you can touch the 5h and 30min of screen lit spread in 16 hours of use.


Xiaomi Redmi 4A arrives with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and MIUI 8 customization. It is a completely different firmware from pure Android, with a lot of features and a well-tended graphics.

Like all smartphones designed for the Chinese market, it lacks all Google services, including Google Apps. It also has major synchronization problems for push notifications.

Said so it would seem an unsolvable situation, in fact just a few operations to transform the device and make it fully usable for us Westerners.
There are three ways to follow, the first, simplest, is to keep the software as it comes from the factory, using it in English and going to change some parameters of energy saving (autostard, exclusion from the savings list) and going to install manually the Google apps, Play Store and Play Services.

The second path, the always recommended one, is to install as an update the official international version of MIUI 8 for your device, downloadable from this site  .

Finally, the third way is to unlock the bootloader and install a fully functional Italian firmware. For this you need to have a minimum of familiarity with the pc and a little ‘patience, not to combine trouble. On our forum you will find a dedicated guide that will guide you in these proceedings.

Returning to MIUI, we find useful features such as blocking for children, simplified mode, great possibilities for customizing the graphics through themes, environmental settings to adjust the behavior of the keys, the notification LED, the display.

We can go into the menus by choosing various energy saving parameters and carefully checking the permissions required by the various apps.

The suite of preinstalled apps is very rich, too much we would say, given that you will find a good number of useless programs completely in Chinese.Fortunately we also have an excellent calendar, a good multimedia gallery, well-kept tools for compass and calculator and a complete app for notes.


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