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If are in trouble and don’t know what to do or what not to do. Then you need Sai baba answers for solving your problems. Here we are going to provide you Sai bab answer sheet. You can use it for asking any kind of question to shirdi sai baba.

People face lots of failure in their life. Then, they feel disappointed. There is so many in ones’ life. It may be from family or office or other one etc.

You can get answers to overcome or solve this problems of life.

What should you do to get answer of your problem from Sai baba of shirdi?

There are 4 steps that you have to follow to get answers from Sai baba.

1. Firstly, you should choose any number between 1 to 10 in your minds.

2. In the second steps, you have to click the images of Sai baba.

3. Now, there are 10 answers of sao baba. You have to select the number that you have selected in your mind.

4. Now, you have solution or answer of Sai baba in front of you. You can read. You should read the Sai answers again and again until you fully understand it.

Now the next step is to apply that solution or answers into life.  I have many people who search Sai baba answer for solving their life problem. But after getting answer, they may not understand the answers or neglect it while thinking that it does not work for me. This is one of the biggest mistakes of devotee. This happens because they don’t have full trust on Sai baba. They have just listen that sia baba provide answers of every person questions and helps every person.

What you need to do is that you have to trust fully in Sai baba kirpa. You should do good deeds or helping others. This is well known facts that god helps those people who help other people. You can help people in many ways like feeding poor child, teaching children and providing clothes and necessary thing to poor children. It mean you have trust and kind heart for getting Sai baba kirpa.

How can you help persons who need it:

Now we are going to discuss about some experience of people and tips for helping people.

Sai baba experience – Sai answers;

I have a friends who are married. It has been more than 8 years they don’t have child. They have done each and Every thing for it. They are fed up with their this problem.
Then I have told him about the miracle of Sai baba. I told him that you should go to Sai shirdi darbaar
Sai baba has answers for every kind of problems. You should ask this question to Sai baba. After listening it, he went to shirdi sai bana darbaar at Mumbai. Then, he take down of his head in from of Sai baba and asked his question. He also say please forgive me Sai baba if there is any mistake that is done by me. I am you child , so please forgive your child.
Then, he came back to home. Within one year, his wife had a child. He got what he wanted. He thanked to shirdi Sai baba for help.

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