how to make price comparison website in wordpress by earning affiliate marketing  amazon flipkart  ebay

how to make price comparison website in wordpress by earning affiliate marketing  amazon flipkart ebay

how to make price comparison website in wordpress by earning affiliate marketing like amazon flipkart ebay:


The main challenge for SME eCommerce stores is to find potential buyers to bring to the site to increase online sales.

Promoting your e-Commerce store on price comparison sites is an interesting way to increase visitor traffic on the site and increase purchases. but question is that how to make price comparison website in wordpress by earning affiliate marketing.




how to make price comparison website in wordpress by earning affiliate marketing  amazon flipkart ebay

4 things you need to make price comparison website:

1.domain name: you should have a good domain name. domain name should be easy to remember. you know, it will become your brand name in future.

2. hosting : for every website, you need hosting for create it.

3. price comparison theme : you need to buy price comparision theme for your site. it will cost you around 3000 to 6000. some price compression theme is high in cost and some are low in cost.

as far as i know , rehub theme is affordable around 3000rs and best price comparison theme.

i also make price comparison website with the help of this theme.

see it here-


4. price comparison plugin: you also need price comparison plugin for compare all the price of different store to one place.

conteng egg plugin work perfect for this purpose.


Where to hire a developer who can make price comaprision website at lowest price?


hire pk expert for making your amazon store or price comaprision website.

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how to make price comparison ecommerce wordpress website





The number of web users who perform searches with a central theme is huge. Among the most frequently used keywords we find:


  • price comparators
  • price comparator
  • compare prices
  • price comparison sites
  • compare prices
  • price comparison
  • Best price
  • search for prices

To these very general searches must be added the thousands or millions that include specific product terms that search engines process by returning the indexed pages of the price comparison sites as results.

In fact, the portals that compare prices and products are great basins of potential customers to draw from to increase sales volumes online.





What are price comparison websites and how they work?

The price comparison websites are web portals that host the catalogs of affiliated online stores. They work as price comparison engines that allow users to do research to find the best price between products of the same type of goods.

The price comparison websites do not sell products directly as they do on Amazon or eBay type marketplaces. Comparators, on the other hand, are tools that facilitate the search and comparison of products, giving visibility to advertisers’ offerings.

A price comparator is also a showcase to show the features, description and reviews of products sold on the e-commerce site. When the product is clicked, the user is redirected to the corresponding page of the advertiser’s eCommerce store .

Among the most popular price comparators we find:


These portals allow you to compare the prices of thousands of products belonging to hundreds of different sellers and to compare the items according to their characteristics.

Internet users looking for the best price or rightly interested in quickly comparing the characteristics of similar products, use comparators to save time and money .

These sites are designed so that useare quickly sent back to advertisers’ virtual stores, contributing to increased eCommerce sales . Being a target of very profiled visitors and interested in buying conversion rates after the click are quite good.

In 2016, online marketing through price comparators captured a 6% share of e-commerce store investments in Italy .

Some of these portals provide tools for analyzing visits to the site , in any case having web analytics software such as Google Analytics is easy to measure the contribution that the price comparators make to the eCommerce store in terms of sales and turnover.

By monitoring visitors on their website, you can measure the ROI generated by the various traffic sources including that coming from the comparators.

Web Marketing through compare-price sites

Price comparators have millions of monthly users and great visibility on search engines and Google. Including them in your marketing mix is ​​an option to take into consideration even when the prices of their products are not so competitive.

For eCommerce stores to be present with its product catalog means to give visibility to its own brand-site and above all generate qualified traffic by increasing online sales. Because advertising costs are usually incurred with pay per click, the advertiser only pays when the user clicks on the product and is sent to the digital store.


To optimize online marketing on price comparators, it is useful:

  • Propose competitive prices . All the studies done on the subject show that the price factor is the first that drives the choice of users. Price leverage is especially important where it is easy for the user to make a price comparison. For the same reason, those who sell online on the marketplaces are subject to considerable price pressure;
  • Make clear and detailed product sheets using good-quality photos;
  • Use the promotional discounts lever with attractive offers that drive clicks;
  • Focus on special offers related to events such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, sales, etcetera;
  • Giving visibility to the entire range of products including niche and very original products able to isolate themselves from the competition of other shops;
  • Activate the tracking of products in order to monitor exactly the contribution of the price comparator between the various online web marketing strategies .

Advertising and marketing with price comparators: pros and cons for online stores

1. Generate direct traffic on your e-commerce site

2. Indexing pages with products that include backlinks to your digital store improves the site’s SEO ranking .

3. Promote your online store by doing branding regardless of the actual visits generated

4. Advertise unique or niche products that otherwise would have reduced visibility

5. For those who have the price lever available, the comparators are a formidable promotional channel

1. The eCommerce sites that sell “weak” products, of poor quality, are more exposed to the negative comparison

2. Online stores with very common products sold at higher prices than the market average show this competitive disadvantage

3. Markets with a high market position risk unflattering comparisons

How to make price comparison  WordPress website


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