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How do I meditate properly best way for meditation and yoga tips types methods :


how do i meditate for making myself happy and stress less? if you have a same question in you mind that how do i meditate  or how do u meditate to make yourself happy, to make yourself healthier, then you are right place. today we are going to discuss about how can we meditate to make our self happy and fit. As you know, that there is no any way to become fit easily. We can become fit by doing hard work and eating right. By changing your mind, that how you think you can control yourself and become fit. By this, you will also change how to act and improve your health fitness.You will learn that how to do meditation, what is meditation and why to do meditation. Here are some tips that you can learn to become fit, loss your weight and control your mind.



How do I meditate – meditation tips number 1 to 10:



  1. Be Patient. If you want to lose weight by any healthy way, then it is going to take time. Being patient, relax and give a break to your body can help to reduce your weight. You should be patient, calm. And give relax to your body.
  2. Don’t Stress. If you think again and again about losing weight, then it will make it harder to lose. You should keep your mind free from negative thoughts and negative thinking that will only increase stress which is not fine for your meditation.
  3. Create a routine. You can create a routine for your daily exercises, meditation, and other metabolic activities. You should make a time-table and stick it near the calendar or mirror such that you do not forget about meditation.
  4. Listen to your body. This can tell you that you are eating enough or eating too much. You should listen to your body and your tummy it will tell you that you are eating too much or eating less for your health.
  5. Use your imaginations. You can use your imagination to imagine your body and life the way you really want it to be. You should live in imagination world. Imagine the life you want to be live. And do hardwork in your real life to make your dream come true.
  6. Choose a peaceful environment. Meditation should be practiced somewhere calming and peaceful. Try to find a place where you will not be interrupted for the duration of meditaiton.
  7. Wear comfortable clothes. During meditation be calm and block out external factors. Try to wear loose clothes during meditation and don’t forget to remove your shoes. And confirm that you are comfortable or not.
  8. Slow down. If you’ll take the processes slow then you’ll find best results. If you will slow down your meditation process increase meditating time you will find best results.
  9. Be honest with yourself. You should be honest with yourself. Don’t cheat with yourself. You should be honest, and self responsible with yourself.
  10. Always be accountable. You are the only one who is responsible for your health. So be accountable with yourself. No one will force you to do meditation. It is on you that you do meditation with your responsibility.



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How do I meditate – meditation tips number 11 to 20:




  1. Take responsibility. No one is forcing you to encourage yourself to being fit. You should be self responsible for these encouragements for your health.
  2. Think Clearly. When you’ll think about these things again and again, it will reduce your chance to lose weight. So you should think with clear mind. And do not think many things at a time.
  3. Pick out a motivational photograph. You can collect some photographs that motivate you or encourage you to get meditate and feel relax. If you’ll do this, it can increase chances a lot. If you have some books also so you can study from those books too.
  4. Use support from friends. You can use the support of your friends also. If they have some knowledge about it then you can get help from them. You can try to take help from them also if they know about meditation and its benefits and advantages.
  5. Tell yourself that you can do it. You can tell yourself that you can do it if you have interest in it. You should believe internally that you can do it. And you should have self confidence that you can do it.
  6. Decide how long you want to meditate. You should try to meditate at the same time each day – whether it’s fifteen minutes in the morning or five minutes in the lunch hour.
  7. Concentrate on a simple object. You can try to concentrate on a simple visual object to keep your mind focused on that very point.
  8. Stretch Out. Remember to stretch your neck and shoulders to keep them activated and fresh. Especially if you’ve been sitting in the front of computer for a long period. Do not forget to relax while doing some work in computers or laptops.
  9. Sit in a comfortable position. You should sit in a comfortable position that can make you active for long time. You can also sit without crossing your legs. Its upto you but you should maintain that very position.
  10. Close your eyes. You should close your eyes during the period of meditation. It helps you to get interacted with meditation and feel happier to meditate.


How do I meditate – meditation tips number 21 to 30:


  1. Have a mantra. You can use some mantra’s for example :- OM NAMAH SHIVAY!!! Etc.
  2. Maintain your breathing. You should maintain your breathing to control your body and increase meditating time.
  3. Repeat a mantra. You should repeat a mantra to get motivated about meditation and keep calm and relax your body.
  4. Practice visualizaiton. You should try to visualize the object in the mind that you are focusing.
  5. Think yourself out of bad habits. You should stay away from the health affecting substances such as tobacco, cigarrette, drugs, steroids etc.and the persons who are having these bad habits.
  6. Try walking meditation. You should walk atleast 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes before you’re going to sleep. This can increase your meditation power and your energy. If you walk daily and make a habit of this it can help you a lot for meditation.
  7. Read spiritual books. You should read some spiritual books to get interested in meditation. For example :- Gita, Ramayana, Bible, etc.
  8. Allow yourself to eat when you’re hungry. Meditation doesn’t means that you do not eat. Allow yourself to eat when you’re hungry. And when your tummy want a lot.
  9. Understand that meditation is a journey. You should do meditation regularly that it should be like a journey of your life. If you will understand meditation like a journey, then it can also increase chances a lot.
  10. Keep your eyes Open. Try to keep your eyes open when doing meditaiton. This will increase your eyesight and also meditation power.



How do I meditate – meditation tips number 31 to 40:



  1. Count your breathe. If you have difficulties in doing meditation. Then you can try to count your breathes – it is an ancient meditation practice.
  2. Keep your mind calm while doing meditation. It increases the time of meditation which will help you a lot in doing meditation.
  3. Kick out all unhealthy habits from your mind. During meditation time, don’t think about unhealthy habits such as tobacco, cigarette etc. Keep your mind fresh and active at all the time.
  4. Breathe Deeply and Calm Yourself. You should breathe deeply while doing meditation and keep yourself calm and relax at all the time. Be active and alert at meditation time. You can also sit by crossing your legs.
  5. Don’t let the negative thoughts to interfere. You can repeat some mantra’s again and again. This will help you to ignore negative thoughts during meditaiton time. Don’t think about “how it can help me” ? or for any other reason. Keep your mind far away from these negative thoughts.
  6. Look at the bright side. You can think about the bright side of meditation or positive thoughts about meditation during meditation. But don’t think about negative thoughts, it causes bad effects during meditation which decreases chances to lose weight and keep mind active.
  7. Reward Yourself. If you’ve worked really hard, then it will be better that you reward yourself. But it should not be connected with food items.
  8. Try different postures. You can try different postures and find a posture which suits you and which increases your time of meditation. If you’ll meditate in a fixed posture it can also tire you. So you should change your postures of meditaiton such that your interest in meditation increase.
  9. Focus on the present. Don’t think about what happened at past. Think about present and for your future. Thinking about past will only increase your stress which is not good for meditation.
  10. Play some Brain Developing Games. You should play mind developing games to increase your knowledge and also your mind capacity to store information. Some of the brain games can be found on the internet. You can search for Brain Games on the internet.



How do I meditate – meditation tips number 41 to 50:



  1. Watch Brain Developing shows. You should watch brain developing shows on television. Some of the Brain Developing shows are Brain Games, Magic of Science etc. You should watch channels like Discovery, National Geographic Channel, History TV 18 and so on.
  2. Watch Religious Shows. You should watch god related shows such as Ramayana, Mahabharata, and other religious TV shows. This will give you knowledge about old religion and how god lived on earth. And how much world have changed from that time.
  3. Make a daily routine for meditation. You can make a daily routine for your meditaion and at least 1 hour should be there for your meditation. And doing meditation at the same time and for the same time everyday can help you a lot.
  4. Do not worry about anything during meditation. You should not worry about anything during the time period of meditation. You can also study more about meditation on the internet and also in some books. Many books are there for meditaiton. You can buy any of them. And read those books on daily basis.
  5. Meditate with proper sense. You should meditate with proper sense. For example :- You should wear loose clothes and meditate with your legs crossed. It is not compulsory that you meditate with your legs crossed. You can also do meditation without crossing your legs.
  6. Go to any Meditation Centre. If you have any problem during meditation or you have not perfect surroundings for meditation then you can go to any meditaton centre for meditation. They will take a small amount from you and help you to do meditation. They will give you perfect surroundings. And also they will give you the best lessons about meditation which you cannot find on internet.
  7. Be Polite with your Meditation Teacher. If you will do this then this will make your relationship better with meditation and also with meditation teacher. Then the teacher will also be polite with you and give you the best way for meditation.
  8. Make a habit for meditation. You should make a habit for meditation. Doing meditation regularly is more effective than doing meditation day by day after. You should do meditation regularly so that it become a habit for you to meditate.
  9. Grow the knowledge of meditation. You should tell your friends and relatives that what are the benefits of doing meditation. So that they can also take advangtages of doing meditation. Such that the knowledge of meditation grow further across the globe.
  10. Go to religious places. You should go to some religious places near you. You should go to temple for praying god. You should be thankful to god. You should go to some religious places. There are some religious places in India also for example :- Haridwar, Vaishno Devi, Naina Devi, Jwala Devi, Kalkatti, Rajghat, Bhairo Baba, Sai Baba, Chintpurni, and so on.



Other useful meditation and yoga tips – How do I meditate:


You should do meditation regularly and at the same time such that it can become a habit for you. There are many benefits of meditaton. It makes  us free from diseases. It gives us knowledge about Meditation, Religion, and about Gods. Some of the benefits of doing meditation are as follows :-

  1. It makes us free from diseases.
  2. It gives us a huge knowledge about gods.
  3. It gives us a huge knowledge about Religion.
  4. It helps us to understand about religion and gods easily.
  5. It also helps us to grow our further knowledge easily.


Meditation is a practice where all individuals trains the mind to realize some benefit. The term meditation related to a broad variety of things including exercises, dhyan, sadhna, etc. As we know, that meditation helps a lot in various ways. For example :- It reduces stressl, increase our mind concentration power and so on. There are many types of meditations. Most of them are very different from each other. And all of them can be learned by using the help of Internet and Books. In starting meditation, it is essential to go and try all of the meditation forms. And select any form which suits you. Once you’ll find a best form then you’ll get stick to it and you’ll enjoy doing that meditation form.


All the forms of meditation gives a huge variety of common benefits for example :- greater focus of mind, reduces stress, increases concentration power, etc. There is no any reason so that you force yourself to do a certain type of meditation. Try different types of meditations and stick to that one which suits you. You can also change practice when you need to change it.


Most of the adults breathe by moving their upper chest but they should breathe with moving their belly also. For meditaiton, yoga is the best way it oxygenates the blood and also calms the mind. We should breathe Diaphragmatically, if you’ll breathe Diaphragmatically you’ll find a big difference it makes. Both types of breathing (abdominal breathing and diaphragmatic breathing) are better than normal chest breathing. So we should try to breathe from these options. If you want to learn more breathing patterns. You should use Pranayama.


If you haven’t had enough sleep, then you should not meditate at that time. You should have some rest first. If you have a good rest then you can stick to meditation. And the main cause of sleepiness may be that you are attempting meditation right after a meal. If your body and mind are distracting yourself from meditation. Then hold the firm. And believe that you are the master of house here. If you have a flu from your nose it can be more distracting then to actually clean it up. It will be a good idea to have some tissues near by you when you’re facing these kinds of problems . Distraction varies from person to person. The amount of time taken by distraction is less than time taken to focus back on meditation. You should follow the activity to the best of your ability. During meditation, don’t think about the practice of meditation. We always think about it that “how better are we doing ?”. But we should not worry about it. We should be proud of us that we are doing meditation. You should keep your interest and effort alive. You should practice every day. This may be enough for you to get more benefits from earlier. With time to time your ability to stay in front of meditation object will increase.





Ho do u meditate? if you analysis your meditation method, you will realize what’s wrong. what is good. You’ll find problem to control your breathing. This is a very normal thing to be happen in the beginning. You should give it some time. Just keep watching it without changing your eyes position. However, if it changes it’s fine but do not worry about it. You should be aware of your breathe changing. That’s enough for you. Mindfull techniques are more effective in relieving diseases such as Asthma. It’s not easy for you to visualize breathing without changing it’s rhythm. So you have basically two options :-

  1. Just keep breathing, don’t think that it is well or not. And don’t think that it is comfortable or not. You should remain as the observer of breathing and any mistakes produced at that time.
  2. If still you are having some problem, you can just pick out another meditating object. Instead of focusing on your breathing, you can repeat a mantra or a chakra. In this case you should just stick to the meditating object and repeat mantra at equal interval of time and for equal interval of time and forget about breathing at this time.


For beginner’s they should know that how many times they brought their mind back to meditation object and for how much seconds. Your state of mind after the meditation is a sign of  “how good was your meditation ?”. But again, in this process you will have to distract your mind from meditation. So you should note the mental movement. It creates more problems than insight.


As said earlier, you should have some motivational swings, you can have some photographs which motivate you and encourage you for meditation and also you can have some tv shows or movies which encourage and motivate you for doing meditation. If you decide that you’ll do meditation Hundred Percent of the Days, then you should not worry about motivational swings. And don’t question your determination, once made. This is the way to become strong. It will also help you a lot in your life also. “SUCCESS IS THE ABILITY TO GO FROM FAILURE TO FAILURE WITHOUT LOSING YOUR ENTHUSIASM.” —- WINSTON CHURCHILL. It also helps to be reasonable to somebody – like a friend or like a coach, that knows that you are in this process. It will help you more to stick to it and motivate you to encourage in it. In the results, you will like to review the advantages of meditation to increaseup your meditation skills.


It is essential to encourage your mind in your daily life. If you’ll sit formally everywhere in whole day, It will make your practice deeper and deeper. There are some moments of the day where you can stop, look inside and take a deep breath:-

  • While commutating with others.
  • When you stop at the traffic lights.
  • When you wait for an elevator or for a lift.
  • When your phone hangs or when you go to unlock your phone when it rings.
  • When you’re going to open your email inbox.
  • When you’re going to take a meal.
  • When you’re going to your home.
  • When you start you’re vehicle and it takes some time.
  • When someone ask’s a question and which bothers you all the day.
  • When you wake up early in the morning due to alarm.
  • When you are riding on Bicycle.
  • When you are riding on a Motorcycle.

You can try these, and after One to two weeks you will find a huge difference in the quality of your day of your mind.


If your exercise makes you tired or increases your stress. Then it will be a better idea to meditate first. If you will practice meditation after any light exercise, it will help you a lot. You will find that your brain is more reactive and less busy with thoughts. You have to just make sure that you have given time to your mind and body to relax and calm down. You should check heart rate after exercise and do meditation accordingly. If you are busy with your office works. Then you can set up alarms in your phone to remember yourself that it’s meditation time. And do meditation at least 1 minute every hour. It will give you more better results than meditating 10 minutes per day. But although both of the options are good and necessary for you and your health. But second option is more effective.


If you have still problems of waking up early in the morning. Then you should try to wake up earlier than your friend or room mate. It will help to both of you because it will create a competition between you and your friend/room mate. If in case waking up early doesn’t seems to work then explain your friend that you are doing meditation so that he can also help you for your meditation. You can explain that you need his/her support from his/her side in doing meditation. You can say that you just need 4-5 minutes of your friend for your help per day.


It will be more helpful for you if you have a like minded friend or partner on the same journey. If you do it , this will be very helpful for both of you to share these things. This is the one reason that why doing same thing in group is more useful. If you don’t have like minded people around you and your family. Then it may be helpful for you to keep your insights to you only. Don’t share to anyone. They will make just fun of it. So you should keep this up to you only.


If you are confused between meditation and guided visualizaiton. And if you think that both are same. Then you are wrong. Guided visualizations are good at start. But in front of benefits of meditation, guided visualizations is like a small child.


If you like to mix meditation and exercises. Then we will suggest that you should keep them separate, because there are thousands of exercises and thousands of purposes to do them.If you think that skiing/painting/cycling/running are a form of meditation. This is a fairly asked question. But in real, meditation is our true nature and hence it is effortless. But things like skiing/painting/cycling/running. These are physical activites which needs effort.


When you are doing something for example :- running or cycling, and you are completely focused on that activity at the present moment, then this is known as Right Attention(Part of Buddha). We can also call it as mindfulness because it is a state of flow. When your attention is concentrating on one object out of other objects, and is maintained in this position for a period of time, this is meditation. And this is a deeper state of flow.


If you are on a plateau or a mountain and doing meditation regularly but there is not much change in intensity in practice because you get distracted a lot. But there is a way by which meditation is helpful in those kind of conditions. If you are in a plateau, you need to find renewed motivation and drive. You will have to change something otherwise your practice will be spoiled. And that new idea can be come from a new book, internet, movies, or other motivational sources.


Now, a question arises that what to do when strong emotions come up in the meditation, or in everyday life ??? It is a very important question for all those who do meditation because you have to take meditation into your daily life. Because it will not let you sit on the cushion everyday. Some hardwork should be done to increase your concentrating power. Once if you are meditating, Keep Breathing, always notice what happens to your body and to your muscles also. Don’t forget to notice about your nerves. Also notice that what is going on in your mind. Feel it deeply. Relax in it and then breathe into it.


Now notice that how frequent observer are you of this. How are you able to letting them in your mind. You are observing from a quiet place which is a place of awareness. This is power.


If you have built up habit to do meditation regularly and now you wish to deepen your practice. Then these things can be helpful for you :-


  • You should increase the length of practice. Suppose you were doing for 20 minutes now increase this time to 30-50 minutes or 1 hour if you want to do.
  • You should increase the intensity of your practice of meditation by increasing focus.
  • You should increase the breadth of meditation by taking meditation like a medicine and take it more and more close to your daily life.
  • You should participate in some meditation retreats. For example :- You can find many programmes of meditation in Parks, in posters or on Internet.
  • You should study more about Meditation. Meet new meditaiton teachers and meditation practioners.
  • You should implement these 5 hacks to your daily life to deepen your huge practice of meditation.


And Now after finishing your meditation, pay attention to your first moment. Notice everything in front of you during that moment. Transist this change slowly and smoothly do not hurry up.


Now if you have practiced a lot and you think that you have reached deeper level in meditation. Then how will you check it or how will you trust yourself that you have reached deeper level. Here are some signs which shows that you are now in deeper level of meditation :-


  • If you have onepointedness of attention.
  • If you have no any distractions during meditation.
  • If you have absence of negative thoughts.
  • If you are feeling body and your mind as a single thing.
  • If you have some sort of feeling of joy, bliss or deep pleasure in the body and mind.
  • If you do not worry about time. And you forget about time.
  • If your body gets immovable like a giant mountain.
  • If you forget about your body and everything else.


If you have noticed some of the feelings same to above. It means that you are now in a deeper level of meditation.


If you are still facing problems and you need some help at home. Then you can try these apps. These are known as Meditation Guide Apps. Some of the Meditation guides are :-


  • Headspace
  • Calm
  • One Moment Meditation
  • Insight Timer
  • Zazn
  • me


The first four names of apps given above are Meditation Guide Apps. But the fifth one ( is a platform to help you such that you can build habits of doing meditation.


If you does not like apps and if you want to study from books then these are some books which are available. The names of the books are as follows :-


  • Mindfulness in Plain English
  • The Miracle of Mindfulness
  • Mindfulness for beginners
  • How to meditate
  • Meditation and its Practices

When you will practice meditation regularly you’ll find change in your whole body and mind. These changes may be as follows :-

BODY :-  The first feeling you will get in your body is the feeling of relaxation, ease and comfort in your body. You will get this feeling during starting of meditation. As the months pass away with meditation, you will be able to do work in more quantity than work you do before.



How do I meditate properly best way for meditation and yoga tips types methods helpful benefit

MIND:-  Meditation is like that you are giving break to your mind or you can say that taking a break from your mind. In the first months or year, you may feel that your mind have become more active than it was before. This is because you are paying attention inside, instead of outside. So you fell it better than earlier.

SPIRITUAL:-  For those peoples who do these kind of things (meditation). Meditation is the best thing which you can do in your spiritual journey of your life. If you’ll continuously do meditation regularly, you will find meditation as a kind of nourishment.


All the studies found only the benefits of meditation. However, some people say that it increases symptoms of bipolar disorders, latent psychotic diseases. And some people report other kind of problems, However it is a part of spiritual path. But research still says that

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It is very helpful as it gives us knowledge about meditation, gives knowledge about gods, gives knowledge about spiritual places, motivates us towards meditation etc. So it has many benefits as we have discussed earlier.

This is a very big topic, and for some it is a very little. Little topic is for those who practice Meditation and big is for those who do not practice it. In general, howevermeditation is safe and there are no any side effects or disadvantages of doing meditation. It brings positive effects to your body, mind and towards heart also. So It only give benefits, advantages and positive effects of meditation. So it is a very helpful thing. Every person in the globe should practice meditation to keep fit healthy and safe from diseases.




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