what is top 7 best gift for girlfriend wife on her birthday for make her feel special

what is top 7 best gift for girlfriend wife on her birthday for make her feel special:

making someone feel sepcial on her birthday is not such a difficult task. you just have to gift her his best needs.

how to identify which is best need of gift for her?

you need to identify need of her. i mean what products or things she need in her daily routine.

for example : if she is patient of high blood pressure, then you should gift her a blood pressure checker. i know it is not romantic gift. but it will make her happy that you take care about her health.

how to plan for making feel her special in her birthday?

as far as i know, making a girl feel special is not a easy task as the same time it is not impossible too. you can make your girlfriends feel special in 7 ways as below:

top 7 best birthday gift for her that make her feel special:

1. a red rose: a red rose is at number one position at our top 10 best gift for girlfriend list on her birthday. it is very economic almost cost your around 20 to 50 for one piece. it has high impact on the heart of your girlfriends. as you know very well, red rose is the symbol of love, it is expresstion of love. you can give red rose to your girlfriend for make her feel soecial.



2. teadybear toy: teadybear is the 2nd in our top 10 best gift for girlfriends for girlfriend on her birthday. as far as, if we talk about price of a teadybear. i would like to say it is under 500rs. it is not so coltly. it is one of the best gift for girl on her birthday under budget.

benefit of gifting teadybear to your girlfriends on her birthday:
– it will make your girfriend feel special.
– it is under your budget.
– almost every girl likes teadybear.
– in your absense, teadybear will make your girlfriends remember you.

what is trending in gifting a teadybear to girlfriend?

nowadays, gifting a big size 7 foot teadybear is in trending in 2019.



3. golden color watch:
a golden color watch is perfect for your girlfriend or wife on her birthday. it looks rich. it is under your budget.

benefit of gifting watche to wife or girfriend on her birthday:
– watch looks rich.
– it keep your girfriend to think about you whenever she see time.
– this gift is durable and last for long time.
– there so many variety of gifting watch like color, designs etc.
it is prlerfectly fit to your dear one. there is no specific need of size for this gift items.

4. mobile or any other gadget like vidio games or other electric equirements:

it is very effective way if you gift your girfriend a gadget og her needs.

example : if your girfriend id fond of playing games, then onenof the best gift for her on her bittjday will be a vidio games.

in the say way, if she does not have latest feature smartphone then you should gift her this on her birthday. it will make her happy because you have gifted that she needs most.

5. going for date : it is one of my favorite gift for my girfriend on her birthday.
bring girl on date at her dream destination. here you keep in mind that you need to make her feel special. for this, you can arrange her favorite song at background or you can also sing a romantic song for her. you have seen in many movie’s. boy play guitar in frond of fire and sing a song for her loveone. not exactly, but you need to do something like that. this scene have set up in the mind of the girl since many years. this will really make her special.

apart from this, you should order her favorite food. offer chair while sitting and respect her. this small things will bring smile at the face of your girlfriend.

6. shopping: you know very well that almost all girl loves to do shopping.
you should offer her go for shopping on her birthday to make her fell special. it will definaely make her happy. go with her at her favorite shopping center and do lots of shopping of her favorite clothes and things that she want to buy.

7. spend full day with her:
one of the best birthday gift for your wife or girlfriend will be “spend a full day with her”. here you need to totally forget about impotant meetings and ofice work. you can also go for watching movie with her for speaning time. there is many ways for speading time with your dear one like go for long drive or stay at home in one room and say the gaurd that if someone ask for us, you need to tell there is no one at home. in this way, you can spend quality time with your dear one. here, i requested to switch off your smartphone. otherwise it will be become a distraction point between you and your wife or girlfriend.