how to start a business without money or with low investment

How to start a new small business in India top best ideas and tips

how to start a business without money or with low investment and 60 best new small business ideas list in India:


how to start a business in india ? if you are looking for the same question how to start a new business in india, then you are at right place. we are going to discuss about main step that are needed to start a small new business in india. To start To start a new business needs proper planning, making financial decision and completing legal form ability etc.  if you are thinking that how to start a business in india. then you are at right place. here we are going to discuss about how to start a small business. This article is divided into two part. first part will tell you how you can start a new small business in india. second part gives you 60 best small business ideas list that you can use to set up new business.  if you search on internet, you will find many steps or difficult explanation about a new business set up. for keeping this thing in mind, we have made this process as easy as we can. and we come across some simple steps to set up a business. here, i would like to say that these step is not full process of starting a new small business. maybe, there are other step that i skipped. but here i cover almost 90 percent. lets start our topic.

there are 4 steps to start a new small business in india. in other words, you can say this that  there is only a simple process that is divided into 4 steps. here, we express the step by step guide about how to start a new small business in india. these steps can be increase or decrease as per the requirement of country’s law.







part 1- Write a business plan – how to start a small new business in india:

whether you live in India, or USA, or Canada or other part of word. Every business needs a business plan. Business plan is a legal document of a company that explains the objective of company. It creates the basic structure of work, human resources and finance that will be needed by the company in near future.  Here, you have to clear the function of the company. It has the following important part.



  1. Executive summary: executive summary is the snapshot of your business plan and goals. It describes the all the important part of your whole business plan.



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  1. Company description: it the main part of your business plans where you provide information what to do. What is the unique feature of your company? What makes you company different from other in the market. What is the main market in which you company will serve the customers.




  1. Market analysis: market analysis is the very important part for every organization. Here, you analyze about the market and competitors. To become a successful business, it is necessary for every new business to analyze the competitors. Without it, you cannot imagine that what kind of competition you are going to face in the market in future.




part 2 – Choosing best business location for your company – how to start a small new business in india :

Here, you have to choose best business location by keeping the many things in mind like cost, convenience, transpiration availability etc. every business should take that location that is convenient for the customer , employee and other person. It should be in industrial area. So that, you can get all the other facility

For example:  if you





(c ) how will you finance your business?

Evaluate your company finance needs: Here you will calculate the finance needs that will your company require in long run. This basis step of formation of company applies for every organization unit whether you are from india, or other country like Canada or usa. You have to evaluate the finance needs of your company. It includes the hidden cost like renovation, taxes like tds, vat and minimum wages of you country. if you fail to fulfill these basic  finance needs of your company, then  you cannot run the business in smooth way.



Calculate the finance needs for fulfilling expenditure :

It is also an important par of set up a new business that you should know the financial requirement  for paying off the  common expenses like petrol expense, coffee and tea expense, employee salary, electricity bills etc. There are some expense that should be kept in mind while calculating finance needs for the organisation.

1. Cost of renovation and decorating : Cost of renovation and decorating should be included in every new business  setups. These are the hidden cost that impacts the finance requirement of every organisation. Decorating experience are those type of expense that is used for decoration of company.

2. Tax value: here tax value is considered into account. You shiuld ensure about what is the sale tax rate and others taxes in your locality.

3. Wages rate: here you have to estimate the wages and salary
For all the employees who are working in the company.





Part 4 -Determination of the legal structure of your company in your country – how to start a small new business in india :


There are following steps for determining the legal structure of your company. These are the legal document that you should use while creating a new small company.


Step 1 . The first step in company formation is to obtain DIN number. Din stands for director identification number.  Here name of proposed director is mentions.


Step 2.  The second step is to obtain dsc for the director of company. The full form of dsc is digtal signature certificate.


Step 3. The next step is getting the registrar of companies (roc). After getting the roc, now get memorandum of association and article of association.


Step 4. It is time to pay stand duties online and get memorandum of association and article of association.  You have to fill all the incorporation forms online like mof , aof and other etc.


Step5: it is the last step for setting new small business in inida. Here you have to obtain the certificate of incorporation. After this, you can request for certification of commerce operation.


Other important steps to start a new small business in india:

Apart from following the above 5 steps, you also need other important document that are very important as per company creation point of view.






  1. Obtain a permanent account number: You can get it from an authorized franchise. Pan card is of 10 digit number that is used by individual person at the time of tax deduction. Here, you need the pan number of companies’ director.

Example: You should put pan number at time time of tds deduction. So that, you can get refund at the time of filing income tax return.




2. Obtain tan number: tan number stands for . If you going to start a new company, then you will need a tan number of you company for deducting tax like tds.


3. Registration for vat: vat stands for value added tax that is an indirect tax in india. If you are going to start a new small business for selling some goods in india, then you have to register you company under vat act section within you ward. There are two type of vat. First is input vat that is imposed on purchase of goods. Output vat is imposed on sell of good.


For example:  If you purchase of goods of 10000 rupees from siyaram private limited on credit. Here input vat tax amount is 10 percent. Then entry will be as below with input vat deduction:


Purchase account –dr     9000

Input vat                _dr       1000

Siyaram private ltd.-cr             10000





4. Register under shops and establishment act: here you have to register you company building under section of establishment act.




5. Register of service tax: if you are service provider then you should register your company in service tax law of india. Service tax is application on service like lawyer, accounting services etc.





How to start a new small business in India – top 60 ideas and tips:

With the start of ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ campaign by the Modi government people of India looking for small business opportunities in India with low investment. So, in this article we try to give top 70 ideas of starting small business in India.



how to start a small business in india new best ideas lists steps without investment low

This article is very beneficial to all those entrepreneurs who have fire in their belly, who want to start their own and want to make decent earning with low investment. As you all know that India is the next big business hub after China because of rapidly growing economy, foreign institutional investment and largest population of young people in India.



Few points to remember before starting a new small business in India:-

  1. Selection of Industry: It is very important to choose an industry before starting any business. One must choose an industry as per his/her own area of interest and skills. Historical data shows that a person who starts business in their area of interest is having more chances of success than others.



2. Prepare your business plan: Before starting any business in India or somewhere else you must write your business strategy that must define your step by step process. So, that you must know that after accomplishing the first task what next or if plan A fail then you must have plan B to execute.




3.Business Registration: As per the company law of India you must need to register your business with registrar of firm or registrar of companies before starting any business in India. You can take the help of Chartered Accountant in this respect; they will guide and make you aware every legal aspect of registering the business which is very important.




4. Create a professional website: Creating a website for your business is like appointing a brand ambassador for your business. In today’s world those businesses having website treated as a genuine business. It creates a positive impression on the clients mind and also it shown in which product or industry you are dealing in.


After having an idea how to start a small business in India by the above mentioned points, now we are going to tell you what are those business opportunities or ideas which you can implement with low investment and start making money.


how to start a small business in India– 60 best small business ideas list:





1. Affiliate Marketing: It is one of the best business which you can do online with almost zero investment. In this you have to create the link between the buyer and seller. In affiliate marketing you don’t need to create any products, you just need to recommend the product online and if buyer purchased through your recommendation you will get commission on sale. Earning potential in business between $1 to $1000 per month.




2. Customized Gift Items: In today’s technological world everyone wants to customize the thing according their own whether it was gift, motorcycle or cars. There are many online companies who are offering customized gifts like printing their name on the cup, customized photo frames etc. Like this you can create your own customized gift store and earn a very decent income.




3. Mobile App Development: Mobile app development is very lucrative business everywhere. Every business need their app. Like you know whatsapp acquired by face book in billion $ deal. You just need some skill and tools to start this business and you can earn somewhere around $2000 to $3000 per month.



4.Designer Jewellery making Business: Indian women fond of Jewellery and always looking for latest designs and trendy items. Just you need to acquire some basic skill in Jewellery design and apply your creativity. You can market your Jewellery in Kitty parties where you can find ladies group or you can show your design to local Jewellers who can purchase the designs or customized Jewellery from you. It is one of the best home based businesses in India with low Investment.



5.Real Estate Agent: I know many people in India who start from scratch and made fortunes out of this business. In this business you just need to show your marketing skills and use your network. Commissions are very good in this business. Investment is very low.



6. Interior Designing: Everyone wants to designs their building whether it was your home, school or commercial building. In this business you can earn on per hour basis, just you need to have sense of color, balance or proportion of graphic presentation.




7. Man power resource firm: Since the modi government comes into power smaller cities converting into smarter cities. Houses are taking shapes of flats, news companies are coming up, new commercial buildings are coming up. In all these areas there is a huge demand of man power for different work. If you start this consultancy you can earn a very good amount month on month, year on year basis. It is one of the most low investment businesses in India.



8.Online Kirana Store: The business idea here is to home deliver the groceries, cosmetics, day to day home need items to the consumer door step for some extra charge. If you add 100 households in your network who purchase minimum Rs. 2,000/- from your online store then your minimum turnover will be Rs. 2, 00,000 per month.



9. Financial Planner: If you are able to do research on shares, mutual funds and insurance plan then you can earn very good income vary between Rs. 1, 00, 00 to 10, 00,000 per month depending on your client base. There are many people in India who want to invest but didn’t have knowledge where to invest. Here, you work starts.



10. Recruitment consultancy: There is always a huge gap between employer and employee. Employer always finds it difficult to find the right candidate and employee always finds it difficult to get the right company. If you are very good in scrutiny then this business is very good for you. You need to select the different profiles of the candidate according to the employers need and earn 5% to 10% commission on the selected candidate.


how to start a small business in India and  best small business ideas list number 11 to 20:


11. Event Management: If you are good in managing, planning and arranging the things, then this business is for you. Event management is a fast growing business.







12. Gymnasium: As old proverb says “Health is Wealth’. In today’s world people are more fitness freaks. So, opening a gym or become a physical fitness consultant would be a better opportunity



13. Wedding Planner: Everyone wants s to enjoy their family wedding. Nobody wants burden of arrangements, everyone looking for someone who can arrange all things in time so that they can enjoy their loved ones wedding. So, in my opinion wedding planning is a good business option.




14. Mobile Accessories Shop: With very low investment you can start this business. In this business all the products are china made and you will get a very good margin.



15. Freelancer: If you are good at data entry, programming, web designing or if you have any other specific skill then you can start the freelancing business. There are many website like freelancer, elance, odesk etc. which provide freelancing work.




16. Catering Service: You can start this business at very small level or at very large level depending on your capital or man resources. Food industry is growing at rate of 20% per year. It is one of the very lucrative business in India.




17 Yoga Trainer: Baba ramdev brings revolution in this industry and people are very much aware about yoga. You can market yourself as a yoga trainer and earn handsome fees.



18. Photography Business: With the advent of technology there are many industries in which there is a requirement of different photographs according to their needs. If you are good at photography then you can start this business.




19. Motivational Speaker: In corporate there is a huge requirement of motivational speaker who can motivate their employees. These companies will pay on day basis which is a very good amount.



20. Travel Agent: In this business you start booking services from railways to flights to hotels. You can also see tour packages and earn good commission.



how to start a small business in India and New best small business ideas list number 21 to 30:


21. Computer Business: If you have the knowledge of computer hardware then you can start the computer assembling and repairing business. Also you can sell computer parts at hefty margins.



22. Spa center: People are looking for recreation activities to stay away from the stress. So, they are looking for good spa centers.





23. Start selling online: If you have any specific product with you then you can sell that product on e-commerce websites like snap deal, ebay, amazon etc.



24. Home-made chocolate business: You can provide different flavors of chocolate in the market. These are very much in demand; you can also give chocolate making classes.




25. Boutique shop: Latest and trendy design are in very much demand during wedding season. Just apply some creative ideas and bring some latest design which impress the ladies and this in turn will bring you lot of fortune.




26. Food Delivery Business: These days’ people are very busy in their jobs or business management. They don’t to waste their time to go to restaurant. This is where your food delivery business comes into role.




27.Uniform Business: As you know along with schools there are many MBA colleges in India who made uniform compulsory. So, you can contact any manufacturer, keep your margin and complete the order of the uniform.



28. Courier Company: You can take the franchisee of any courier company and earn good commission.



29.Car Resale Business: You can start car resale business, exchanging car with one another and earn good commission over it.


30. Advertisement Business: Every business needs a good advertisement. So, starting as advertisement agency would be a good opportunity.



how to start a business without money in india and  best new small business ideas list number 31 to 40:



31. Web Hosting Services: You can sell .com, .in, .net or web space services. It a very good business to start with.



32. Data Entry Services: Many companies providing form filling, ad posting contract. It is a very good option to start with.



33.Resume Maker: If you are having a deep knowledge of resume writing then you can start this business and charge minimum Rs.1, 000 for one resume.







34. Dairy Products business: In your near area you can start the business of milk products. These types of items are daily products which use in day to day life.


35. Logistics business: It is a very lucrative business, you can hire local tempo and start giving the services in your local area.



36. SEO Consultancy: there is huge demand of seo consultant as lot of websites popping up nowadays.



37. etective Agency: Nowadays lots of frauds are going on in the corporate or in individual lives. To solve the issue people are taking help of detective agencies.



38. Matrimonial Services: As the population of India grows there is huge demand of match making services provider. So, if you have a large database of eligible candidates you can start this business.



39. areer Counselor: As there are lot of option available after 12th which creates lot of confusion in the students mind. Here career counselor role comes handy.



40. Investment Advisory Forums: You can create a forum in which you can give some advisory related to the member profile like where to invest, for which you can charge some membership fees.




 Top best new small business ideas list number 41 to 50 – how to start a business with low investment in india:


41. Social Media Consultant: Become social media consultants is a very good option to start with and also no investment require.



42. Dry Fruits Commission agent: Start you dry fruits business. Buy at lower prices from wholesale mandi and sell at retail counters.



43.Start a YouTube Channel: You can post your videos on YouTube and earn money. No investment required.







44.Writing E-Books: You can write your eBook on any topic and can sell online. It is one of the best business idea nowadays.




45. Day Care Business: As the inflation of the country grows up, every family member engaged in earning bucks, there is no time left for kids. Here you can fill the vacuum by starting your own day care.



46. Distributorship: You can take the distributorship of any product as there are many manufacturer who do not wish to sell their product directly to the end user. Here you can play the rest part.



47. E-mail Marketing: If you are good at preparing marketing mailers then there are many small or big companies who outsource their business so that they can put more focus on their main business.



48. Bakery Business: You can start your own home made bakery product which is very much in demand nowadays. During festive season demand of homemade bakery items is on peak.




49. Book Keeping Service: If you are having an accounting skills then there no need to do full time job. You can outsource you book keeping business; there are many small firm who do not afford full time accountant.



50. Call Center: You can start your own call center. Take any process and start with five initially and increase the seats as the business grows.




how to start a small business in India and New best small business ideas list number 51 to 60:



51. Astrology Business: You need to learn some tricks of astrology and you can become a fortune teller. In India fortune teller are earning very good money.



52. Goat Farming: If you had an idle land with you then you can start goat farming business.




53. Flower Decorator: In wedding season there is a huge demand of Florist. You can start this business with very low investment of Rs. 20,000/-how to start a new business in india







54. Language Translator: Nowadays Company expanding their business overseas, so there is a huge demand of language translator and it is the best time to Ancash this opportunity.



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55. Pest Control Business: In India there is a common problem of cockroaches, rats, lizards etc. in every household. So, starting a pest control company is a very good option.



56. Laundry Services: In metro cities both husband and wife working to lead a lavish life. In this they hardly left any time for cleaning. In this space if you start your business then you can create a brand out of it.



57. Overseas Study Consultant: If you can establish the link between the overseas universities with India students then you will get good business from India.



58. Disc Jockey: If you know the song mixing procedure or selection then you can start this business. Hardly there are any parties in which DJ is not required.



59. Public Relation Officer: Having a good contact in government or in corporate industries can fetch you heavy amount. Liaising business in India is one business which not required a single penny. All works to be done over the phone.



60. Car Rental Services: If you have a spare car then you can deploy that car with OLA or UBER. In return they will pay a fix monthly amount. This is a very good business opportunity in India. in the end i would like to say i am sure that you have enjoyed this 60 best small business ideas list. now you have some ideas that you can use to start own new business without money or less money.



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