Exchange: National Stock Exchange

Listed: NSE and BSE

Current Price: 6.95

Industry: Real Estate Investment & Services

Incorporated: 1971

Website: http://www.unitechgroup.com

Phone: +91 124 4125200




Unitech Ltd is an India based real estate development and infrastructure company. The company was incorporated on 9th February 1971 as United Technical Consultants Pvt. Ltd. And was converted into a public limited company on 3rd October. The company’s segments include Real Estate and related activities, Property management, Hospitality, Transmission tower, Investment Activities and others. It started business as a consultancy firm for soil and foundation engineering and has grown to have the most diversified product mix in real estate, IT/ITes parks, SEZs, integrated residential developments, schools, hotels, malls, golf courses and amusement parks.





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To be India’s leading Real Estate company across the world and be the company of first choice amongst our customers to address their needs across all realty verticals.


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To make a world a better place to live, gives feeling of independence, feeling of entertainment at just the doorstep. Unitech wants to be part of every common success story.

Operating profit margin is an indicator of the proportion of a company’s revenue that is left over after praying for production costs such as raw materials, salaries and administrative costs. Net profit margin is arrived at by deducting non-operating expenses such as depreciation, finance costs and taxes out of operating profit and shows what is left for the shareholders as a percentage of net sales. By combining all analysis you will get to know the financial position of the company.


balance sheet of UNITECH SHARE



Return of capital employed is a very useful metric for comparing profitability ratios based on the amount of capital they use. Return on capital employed is a financial ratio that measures a company’s profitability and the efficiency with which its capital is employed. It is calculated as:

ROCE= Earnings before interest and Tax/Capital Employed

A higher ROCE indicates more efficient use of capital. ROCE should be higher than the cost otherwise it indicates that the company is not employing its capital effectively and not generating enough shareholder value.





To analyse the current liquidity and credit analysis of the company you must analyse the current ratio. Current ratio indicated the short term and long term obligations, current ratio are calculated is using the current total assets of a company (both liquid and illiquid) relative to that company’s current total liabilities.

A current ratio of 1 indicates that the company may not be able to meet the short term obligations of the company. However, sometimes company takes out cash for expanding purpose, at this time current ratio falls back below 1. So, it doesn’t mean that company is not able to meet its short term obligation. Unitech current ratio has been more than 1 over the last 5 financial years which indicates that the company has been maintaining sufficient cash to meet its short term obligations.

Analysing of debt to equity ratio is the most important parameter while analysing any company. It is calculated by the company’s total liabilities by its stockholders equity. This ratio indicates how much debt a company is leveraged to finance its assets relative to the amount of value represented in shareholder’s equity.

In the times of recession in the economy, companies with high level of debt find it very difficult to service the interest component of debt.

Interest coverage ratio indicates the company’s position to cover the interest expense part of the debt. Higher interest coverage ratio indicates that company is in a good position to coverage the interest expense part of the outstanding debt. As per the accounting standards, interest coverage ratio of below 1.5 raises the doubt about the company’s ability to meet the expenses on its borrowings. Interest coverage ratio 1 confirms that company is not generating enough to service its debt obligations.

Unitech average interest coverage ratio has been satisfactorily over 1 which suggests that company’s has been generating enough for the shareholder’s after servicing the debt obligations.




As clear from the above chart that unitech is continuously trading in an oversold zone from many years. It is also not making lower lows but keep accumulating at lower levels. Gaps in 13 dma and 34 dma also narrowing which suggest that we can expect anytime reversal on the stock. We advise the clients to accumulate the stocks at 6.95 level and hold it for the target of Rs.38.


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