what is marketing and top 50 different types of  best marketing strategies

what is marketing and top 50 different types of best marketing strategies

what is marketing and top 52 different types of  best marketing strategies:


different types of best Marketing strategies are discussed here. if you are looking for best marketing strategies for your business, then you are right place, we are going to discuss about different types of Marketing strategies that are available for business. 

what is marketing?

there so many definition about marking at internet. but i found this definition is best describe about marketing which is that marking is the management process for identify and satisfy customer requirement within time. after knowing about what is marketing. it is time to have discussion about different types of  Marketing strategies.




50 different types of best Marketing strategies:


There are so many different types of best Marketing strategies in the world. But few works exactly as you want for you company success. If you are working as sale manager or sale executive, you have pressure to complete the sales target. Sometimes, you can easy achieve it. But sometime it will take too many efforts to get the deadlines.  In this situation, you can follow following marketing stagiest for achieving your target within time.  The object of these marketing strategies is to find the best solution whether these marketing strategies attracts customer to choose your product or increase your customer base.


For example – A company decides and announced that our object is to teach poor children and if any one buys our product than 20% of the margin of that product is used to teach poor children. By which many people who have same object as company then they attract towards company product. In this way, company get benefit of it and also increase his consumer base.






  1. Proximity marketing – It refers to sending promotional  messages of their services and product to consumer with the help of technology in near range, promotional messages send through WI:fie and Bluetooth in a closed range.

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2. Relationship marketing – Build relationship with your customer it really helps to improve consumer base of the company, if you create good relationship with your consumer then they really love your brand and became faithful towards your brand so relationship marketing is very important marketing strategies for all type of marketing.



3. Transnational Marketing –It refers to attract consumer towards their product my giving discount voucher, coupons, and also organize a “product Mela” where all the product of the company available in one place with discount, in this type of marketing company earn through volume because if all product of any company available with discount then people buys more and more product so volume of sales increases.


 4.Mouth publishing marketing – This type of marketing is done by oral communication. Many people like to talk about his\her favorite brands name and many new people come to know about the brands. Many companies hire people for mouth publishing and paid them into daily bases.




5.Web marketing – it refers to promote your company through internet. As we know we lives in 21st century. Internet is demand of today’s generation as a study tells more than 75% of people directly or indirectly using internet. So a company can do promotion by giving advertisement in various online website. Almost all are using Facebook today and you can do promotion of your company by giving advertisement in Facebook. Today internet playing very important role in human life, so a company can’t neglect internet factor so for web marketing many company hire social media developer or web publishing agency. A publishing agency develops plan or roadmap for web marketing and after making plan also executes it.





6.Diversity marketing : The term diversity refers to “variety”.  It means the company has that variety of the product according to costumer taste, culture, beliefs, needs etc.




types of best Marketing strategies

7. Mass marketing:In business industry many companies have to sell his product in huge quantity to survive in industry. Mass marketing is very good strategy for big giants. They spend big amount to purchase data and to know where to give advertisement this level of marketing is suitable for big player of the industries.



8.Seasonal Marketing – seasonal marketing refers to take benefit of seasonal event. For example valentine day is an event. So, in this day may cooperate houses relate their product with valentine day to increase its consumer base.



9.B2B :business marketing : The term B2B marketing means do their business with other business, it means a company make raw material for making bottle for other company. So, in this example it clearly states that transaction of goods happen in one business to another business. That is called b2b marketing, this type of marketing is suitable for raw material manufacturing company or in other word we can say that semi:finished goods manufacturing business do b2b marketing.




10.B2C (consumer) marketing marketing to consumers, a business manufacture their product for consumer whether they are individual or cooperate houses, and attracts different people by giving Varity of the product .


11.B2P (person) marketing marketing to persons, in business and life, a business attracts persons to buy their product is known as person marketing.




12.Make you a trusted resource to prospects and customers : A common human tendency is that humans like trusted person.  Trust only develops when they know someone. They have spent some time with each other. Because experience is the only thing that improves trust.




13. Make yourself a resource for the media or media marketing: Members of the big business are always looking for Keep in touch with local media the media has power to improve any business brand. Media is really powerful no one can neglect media importance in today’s market.





14.Set up professional profiles: Make account of your business in all social media platform LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, twitter. It will help to improve your business and advertise your product and to know direct view of their product in comment box. Also link your company website in your social media account.




15.Claim your place on Google Places: Make sure that you are make your place in google places many person who are new in the town can search their needed product and if you have make your place in google places then it will easily find you so marketing through google places is plays a significant role in business development.





16. Look for social media discussions groups: if you are active in social media discussion groups then you have lots of benefit such as you know view of consumer towards your product, you can ask them about your brand so it will help you to attract more and more person towards your brand, so if you have not enough time to get activate in social media discussion group then you can hire any freelancer or social media brand developer.



17. Write informative articles: write article about your product or your upcoming product detail and description benefit of using that product it will attract people towards your brand it will help in increase your consumer base so write informative articles in your website and share that link through social media account it will help to attract more people to read article and know about product



18. Print up flyers or brochures: print brochure of your entire product with benefit of product, also print flyers and distribute it to your franchisee, also make brochure look attractive it really attracts people because a famous prove in India “If something seems well it sells well”.




19. Volunteer to speak at local business groups:  Good speaking skill adds glory to your business, good speaking people attracts members towards buying your product, if a good speaker speaks benefit of your product then many more new consumer attracts towards your product.



20. Submit proposals to speak at industry group conferences: If you are not comfortable towards giving speech then you can hire volunteer speaker and submit proposals to speak in group in meeting.



21. Refer business to other businesses in your networks: Refer your client towards your other business; if you refer your client towards your other business services then your client may use services of your other business on the goodwill of your voice.



22. Tweet, mention and link to blog posts and social networking posts: tweet and get active on social media tweet share link of your website, write blog and regularly update post in social network. Because nowadays, most of the people active in social network like Facebook, tweeter etc.





23. Build an email list and send informative mailings to it on a regular basis: Regularly solve quarries of consumer through email and also create an email link on your website it will really help in improving your brand.





24. Join and participate in local business groups: Get tie up with local small business and tell them refer our company product and we give some % of commission from every referral if they use our services or buy our product.




25. Stick with groups that attract the types of people you want as customers: Even when a person doesn’t know you, you become a more trusted resource just by showing up.





26. Keep in touch with potential customers and existing customers with invitation cards: It might be possible people does not have requirement of your services today but it might be possible they need your services after 2:3 month so give every customers your visiting cards in which your number name and services mentioned.




27. Refers: Ask existing clients if they know anyone who can use your services, consider what other professionals you know who could refer business to you – and vice versa. If you’re an electrician, talk to local builders and remodeling contractors, plumbers, and people who lay tile. If you are a graphic designer talk to web designers and ad agencies, about referring work, and give your client some rewards for if their referrals use your services



28. Pick up the phone and call likely prospects: Make calls to different people and tell them benefit of your product and convince them to use your services.




29. Don’t be too quick to make decision: It’s hard to know where to draw the line with people who keep asking questions without any indication they plan to make a purchase, but sometimes those questions are used as much to size you or your business up as they are to gain information.



30. Don’t stop marketing: Once a business you started gets successful and you are regularly increasing client then in temptation you don’t stop marketing even your business is regularly getting client you have to give marketing on regular bases.




31. PR Marketing (public relation):

One of the most important marketing strategies is public relations. Many companies always get in touch with media and if the new product launch they invite media and through media people know regarding your new product.



32. Online Marketing:

Internet emerged new form of marketing, from online advertisement and pop up, the entire internet marketers do whatever they can do to attract customers attention, and also person from anywhere in the world can easily order the liked product.

33.Evangelism Marketing:

Develop funny character of your brand and make a parade in the market by this lot of people comes to know your company. As a basic human tendency people attract towards funny thing so it helps to increase your brand value.




34.Event Marketing:

Create events for your marketing every one like to attend events so organize events and do branding of your product through events. Like in Delhi every year book fair event organize where all type of book lover visit and buy books of different writers.

35.Offline Marketing:

Many companies also find new ways of offline marketing beside of online marketing, for example giving sample of their product free of cost to consumer.



36.Outbound Marketing:

It refers to know potential of your company in were u stand with true potential. Many companies do outbound marketing strategy. If a company launches a new product then they have to analysis other related product available in the market with new product that they want to launch.


37.Direct Marketing:

Direct marketing refers to interact directly with consumer, and convince them and make them believe in your brand

38.Inbound Marketing:

When costumer calls for any quarries related product then the sales department of company have that opportunity that they can also offer other new product of the company, this marketing is known as inbound marketing.



39. Freebie Marketing:

To promote your product distribute it free or sell them in low price, it is known as freebie marketing.




40. Newsletter Marketing:

Newsletter marketing refers to give advertisement through newspaper about your brand your product regularly, also makes some funny drawing character such as Vodafone make his character juju.

41 Article Marketing:

In industries where expertise is highly valued, articles canbecome powerful tool in the industry so do article marketing

42. Content Marketing:

Write and publish content to educate potential customers about your products and services. For the appropriate businesses, this can be an effective means of influencing them without using direct selling methods.




43.Tradeshow Marketing:

According to a survey the basic human tendency is if he wants to buy some new product they do lot of research regarding that product so that is the reason behind every year all the car companies organize auto expo.



44.Search Marketing:

These days, if someone wants to buy any product or wants to take some services they doesn’t ask from their friend, relative etc., they straight go to google search for that product, and do complete research at online so buy some local yellow pages and give advertisement regularly it is known as search marketing.




45. Straight Marketing:

Straight marketing refers to advertise your product directly to consumer with the help of computer, mobile, tablet, through sending mails, sms, promotional messages, and promotional discount messages.

46.Niche Marketing:

According to Wikipedia the term niche marketing refers to a niche market is the subject of the market on which a particular product is focused. The market niche defines as the product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact. It is also a small market segment. So it means focused on one segment for example McDonald focused on food business and use niche marketing strategy.


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47.Drip Marketing:

Drip marketing is a communication strategy in which some pre written messages are sent to costumer through messages or email.



48. Community Marketing:

Regularly communicate with your consumer of a particular community. Community doesn’t refers to community according to cast. Community means you are making product for children, man , women or old age person give article or advertisement in local news channel regarding how your product add happiness in your life. For example in rakshasa bandhan many chocolate companies make advertisement for every community.


50.Social Media Marketing:

Do promotion in social media there are some popular site such as Facebook, twitter etc.



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