top 101 free best nifty bse intraday trading stock tips for indian Investors

top 101 free best nifty bse intraday trading stock tips for indian Investors

top 101 free best nifty bse intraday trading stock tips for indian Investors:



If you are going to start to invest in stock market, then this article is very useful for you. Here we are going to explain some stock market nifty tips, free intraday trading tips and some other useful share market tips for beginners. these intraday trading tips can be used by beginners. If you enter in stock market, you will get 4 type of investment trading style though which you can buy or sell stock. The below table are describing four primary trading styles – positional, swing, intraday and scalp with the corresponding with time term and holding periods duration.


Trading Style Time Term Holding Periods Duration
1.Positional Trading Long Term Months or years
2.Swing Trading Short Term Days or weeks
3.Intraday Trading Short term Only one day
4.Scalp Trading Very short term Seconds or minutes





what is meaning of intraday trading?

intraday trading is a trading formate of stock market where you have to square off your trade on same day. here square off means that you have to buy or sell your stock on same day before market close. intraday trading is also called day trading by many investors.


example: you have bought 500 share of xyz private limited during the open day markets, then you have to sell the same share before closing the stock market.



Why many traders find Intraday Trading so attractive:

  • Brokerage charges  under the Intraday trading are very less than Delivery segment.
  • High Margin is available for Day trading.
  • No overnight risk.
  • you are in cash at the end of the day.
  • less risky.
  • you can invest the same amount of money on multiple times. (example: If you have Rs.10000 in your account,you are allowed to transaction on multiple times)




Free stock tips on mobile:

If you trade in stock market then you need good guidance and prompt information, So that, you can avail the opportunities. For keeping this thing in mind, here we have made some free mobile program that will give you tips of Stock Market on Mobile. Our free intraday trading tips on Mobile will benefit you in the form of heavy profits from Stock market. Whey you will use our service, then you feel and get to know that how it is easy to earn money in share market. You will be able to learn about basic investment tips. Whether market is going up (rising) or falling down you will be making profit by using our intraday tips. Here you will get free intraday tips for tomorrow, today and last day moments.



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Main benefit of our Services are as follow :
» You can avail the opportunities and earn heavy profit in short time. » You will get intraday stock market Tips on your mobile.
» You will get 5  intraday Tips of NSE & BSE stock market on daily basis. » Follow latest trends in stock market.
» 90 to 95% Success Rate on Monthly basis. » You will get your portfolio report on monthly basis.
» Our Intraday tips are of low risk that  means that you can earn huge gains. In the case of loss, you will get low or no loss at all. » You will get live data update from your website that is free for lifetime.
» You will get 100% accurate research from our Top Analyst. » You can use our intraday tips free trial of 7 day.
» You can earn Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000 profit per month on Investment of Rs. 100000/-.    



How intraday tips for stock market works?

We Send latest intraday stock tips on your Mobile.

Then you trade and make position as per tip that are given to you by mobile. You earn profit on our tips.

Example: our message will look like as Buy PNB above 2100 SL 2000 Target 2130-2150.

You will buy pnb at 2100 then sbi reaches at 2130 and you will sell it at 2130 an get profit or 20rs per share.

If you buy 100 share then your profit will be 100×20 = 2000rs




( note: it is a small example. In real time, you can earn more and as per your investment)






best 100 nifty bse intraday trading stock tips for indian investors:






Intraday Trading is a game of discipline nobody will tell you this truth. When I first started the trading it seems to me a quick get rich scheme but all dreams vanished. it’s too late in realizing that stock market is not a quick rich scheme in fact it requires a lots of patience, discipline, hard work and persistence to earn money from this market. ( you can ssve you time and money by using following intraday tips.)


free best nifty bse intraday trading stock tips for indian Investors and Share Market Tips for beginners pdf download



So, when I got realized about my mistakes, I think now it’s a high time to fasten my seat belts and drive the stock market journey safely. Today, I can say that I am earning a very decent income from the stock market and also I make a vision for myself is to educate everybody there in the world who want to make big in this market but did not know the rules of the market.

Looking back, I am posting more than 100 stock market tips for beginners.  these are the best nifty bse intraday trading stock tips for Indian investors. If you follow these tips then you can also ride this journey very safely. So, here it is.



best intraday trading stock tips for Indian investors -tips 1 to 10:




1. Before enter into the trading jungle you must know the two price i.e. entry price and exit price. If your setup is ready as per with the plan then only you must enter into the ring.





2. Find out the value area means where demand and supply goes out of balance. If at certain level there is more demand it means it’s a value area from where stock jumps. For the sell side you must look for resistance area where seller outgoes the buyers.



3. Use the pivot method for intraday trading. If price open between R1 and Pivot then buy above R1 and if price open between pivot and S2 then sell below S2.



4. Check out the previous historical data to find out the resistance and supply level as technical analysis theory suggest that price tend to repeat itself. If the price open at resistance level then go short and if price open near support level then buy.



5. Keeping stop loss in mind and executing your stop loss order at the times of need is very important. Stop loss is used to prevent you from further losses and moving back to cash. If you didn not left with cash then how you make money. this intraday tips is so important that it should followed by every beginners.







6. Control your emotions, if you put some trade and its goes against your decision then don’t panic, put the stop loss. If stop loss hits then don’t enter again.





7. Don’t be too greedy when you are in profits, don’t wait for more profits, book profit at certain resistance level. Wait for a dip, if the price sustains then again re-enter in the stock.




8. Don’t rush to enter into the market at the opening bell. Wait for at least 1 hour, let the noise calm down, let the trend take place in the market then make your position.






9. If you are trading the indian market and doing intraday trading then wait for the European market to open. If you open your position in morning and European market open on the other side then exit your trade. this intraday tips is a secret of trading in intraday market.




10. Do not overtrade in the market, select only 2 to 3 trades for the day and stop trading once your intraday target achieved.




best  free intraday trading stock tips for beginners -tips 11 to 20:


11. You need to think about this market as a business not a gambling. Gambler always has a 1% chance to win and 90% odd chances. While business always having 50%-50% chances of winning and losing. Take losses in this business as a part of expenses to run the business, once you understand this mathematics you will know how to trade in this market.





12. Write your trading plan before opening the market or before taking any trade in the market. Write down the entry points, profit booking points and exit points. By doing this you are mentally prepared if the trade going against you, you will not panic. Most of the time fear is the main cause for losses in the market. this nifty tips is very useful for those investors who do know have confidence in investing stock. they can prepare a useful trading plan according to their needs.


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13. Always try to make a strategy which inculcates good risk reward ratio. As per the industry standards 1:3 is the good risk reward ratio to trade with. Means for every single rupee risk you will get Rs.3 as a profit. So, if your trading system gives you 34% win ratio you are getting out from this market at breakeven cost.





14. As a new trader try to take small losses by dong this you did not harm your capital and you did not lose your confidence in taking the next trade.




15. Never risk more than 1% of your trading capital on single trade. If you are wrong in the market or you suffered consecutive losses 10 times in a row then your total capital loss will be only 10%. In my experience of last 10 years I will never find a good trader who follow the money management rules and following the back tested trading system will suffer 10 consecutive losses in a row. It will never happen.






16. Don’t get frightened or discouraged, persistence and discipline Is the key when learning to invest or trade. this is the basis intraday rules and tips that every beginners should know.





17. It takes time and effort to become a successful trader and investor. Learning to trading and investing doesn’t happen overnight.



18. Don’t believe on the advisory companies, stock picking subscription services. They show you the dreams of women’s, luxurious lifestyles, yachts, fancy cars etc. They build their own dreams by selling their services to you. Fact is that 99% of stock picking services earning from their subscription services and the sales of their customized product rather than their own trading.




19. To start any business you required some capital, same is the case for trading or investing. To earn a decent return every month you required a trading capital of minimum Rs. 5, 00,000. This is according to my trading plan. You can earn easily 2% to 3% per month from the market. So, if you want to earn Rs. 30,000 per month you need to invest minimum Rs. 10 lakh to earn the amount.




20. Always open trading account with reliable stock broker, check his license, registration no. etc. This will give you feeling of safety of your funds and some user friendly tools which will help you in smooth functioning of you trading.




free nifty bse intraday tips for beginners -tips 21 to 30:


21. I always prefer to read books on trading and investing. Books are the great source of information rather than visiting seminar, purchasing DVD’s sold across the web. this is one of the best nifty tips that my professor gives me. i used to follow a book that teaches me about stock market tricks and rules.




22. Read articles, if you stop learning your growth will stop. Articles are a good source of education; you will find lots of articles on trading strategies, trading system, investment strategies and so on.




23. Do practice on paper before go live. As suggested above that before go live you must have trading plan or trading system which is properly tested and do trades on paper till once you got confident on the system.




24. Initially you must avoid trading in futures and options segment. In these segment risks are high.





25. Try to track only 10 high quality stocks by doing this you will get to know there movements and tracking the less stocks is very easy.




26. Stay away from greed and fear, don’t emotionally attach to any stock. Only follow your rules with discipline. this is not a intraday tips but you should know how to control your greed. otherwise you may get loss.



27. Maintain journal of your trades so that you do post trade analysis of your mistakes, it will lead you towards becoming a better trader.




28. Check stocks on both grounds that is on fundamental and technical analysis. If both the analysis give you go ahead signal then go for it.




29. Exit is as important as entry is. Anyone can enter into stock but exit part is very different. You must know where and when to exit from the stock. most important intraday tips that is all about how you exit the market. it is easy to buy any kind of stock. but if you do not know how to exit without having any loss, then you may face the loss in you hands.



30. It is not always compulsory to be right in the stock market, sometimes you have to keep your ego aside.



free nifty intraday tips for beginners -tips 31 to 40:



31. Sometimes you must sit outside the market like recently Brexit event happens in which you didn’t know where the market opens next day. It is a news based event so please avoid these types of event.




32. Stocks moves heavily up or down not by accident, it will happen due to heavy selling or buying pressure from foreign or domestic institution. So, please keep track of their activities on daily basis. as a beginner, you are searching on google free nifty tips, free intraday tips and best investment tips etc. so that you can get basic knowledge about indian stock market. but you know half of the information on internet about intraday stock market is wrong. you should check the information fist. then apply that tips in your buying style. otherwise, you may loss your money.





33. Intraday traders can use pivot point calculator for intraday trading which is freely available on the web. There are many pivot point calculation by woodies, camarilla, Fibonacci etc. Master any one of them.




34. When the stock gives breakout, volume must move above 50% above its daily average.





35. When prices moved up along with heavy volume it’s a sign of healthy market, when prices moves up with less volume it’s a sign of unhealthy market. On the other side if price falls with rise in volume then it’s a healthy sign that market may move lower further, if price falls with less volume then it’s an unhealthy market.




36. Technical Analysis based on three assumptions. History repeats itself, Price discounts everything and price moves in trends.



37. Bear market decline 25% to 30% from its peak price. Its start with 2 wave up and 3 wave down.


38. Fundamental and economical bad factors causes the bear market to emerge. Its move in a cycle which is currently 8 year cycle.


39. Placing a stop loss is an art that you can learn by analyzing nifty tips. once you know where to place a stop loss you will never be out of the market. Stop loss doesn’t mean taking losses, it means moving back to cash.


40. Always use diversification strategies to reduce your risk. Some instruments or markets are correlated so you can get benefit of diversification.






free intraday tips Share Market  nifty tips for beginners -tips 41 to 50:


41. As old proverb famous in the market “Trend is your Friend”. So, always trade in direction of the trend, try to trade the pullback trades.


42. Do not listen to the news by the stock market channels, many news are cooked by the big fat institutions which affect the price of the share market. it is one of the best nifty tips that can be used while buying share online.


43. Try to avoid broker recommendation because your broker has vested interest in putting your money by insist you to put more trades so that he can get his maximum brokerage.





44. Trade in different sectors like pharma, auto, bank etc. So, if one sector doesn’t perform you will get profit in other sectors stocks.


45. Withdraw part of your profit at every interval and keep that profit in separate account for long-term stability.


46. When you are unclear about any trade then do not enter the market, don’t try to be a millionaire in a single day. Market is full of opportunities every day.


47.The world’s greatest investor gives to the world the best advice we ever have. “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.”


48. Don’t ever try to pick the top and bottom of the market. It’s not possible; many people lost their fortunes in doing so.


49. Sometimes try the contrarian strategy to trade like buying stocks when they are trading in oversold zone or sell stocks when stocks are trading in overbought zone.


50. Bear market creates lots fear among investing community and this the best time to own the stocks. Don’t forget “Be greedy when others are fearful.”


free intraday Share Market  tips for investors -tips 51 to 60:


51. There are three reversal points in the market as per the candlestick theory. First reversal after the three black candle, after five black candle and finally after right black candle. Same is true for the bullish candle.


52. Options are always used in the market to hedge your position. Don’t trade naked options.


53. Continuous increasing Ebitda margin quarter on quarter is a good candidate for buy.


54. Before investing in any stock check the cash in hand and debt level of the company.



55. Always read more than 3 research reports on the same stock, it will give you a better picture of the financial position of the company. this is one of the best free intraday investment tips that you got from our website .


56. If you do not have time for proper research on stock but eager to invest, you can go through the route of mutual fund investment and start investment systematically.


57. Don’t try to buy all stocks for your portfolio in one go. Buy 25% on first decline then 25% on next decline so on.




58. Buy undervalued stocks not undervalued companies. There is a vast difference between the two; we must look the stock of the good companies which are trading below their market value due to various reasons.


59. Always holding 10% cash of your portfolio in your hand. Never invested fully.


60. Check the management discussion and analysis section in the financial reports you will get a clue what the management is expecting in the future.





nifty intraday stock Market  tips for beginners -tips 61 to 70:

61. Buying stock is like buying a company. Don’t buy stocks which you don’t like to hold for your lifetime.


62. If you follow trend following strategy 70% of your time your trades are loser, only 30% of the time your trades are winner. But, 30% winning is higher than the loosing trades in profit terms.




63.There is only one rule in the market buy low sell high. This rules apply in every industry if did not keep you margin you will not get your profit part. this is the basic rule and nifty tips that every shareholder should follow.


64.Stock market is always right; if market goes up and you are short on the market then you’re losing in the market. If market is going down and you are long, the market is right and you are wrong.


65.Market follows the law of gravitational force, when market goes up it will go down, when market goes down it will go up.


66.If you are looking for reasons in the market for market to move up or move down then you are wasting your time. It is a game of probabilities and you are always dealing with the perception of the market.


67. Every news factored in the price and by following the price action you will know what will happen next.


68.Don’t focus on the money, when I first started my trading career I focussed on paying my monthly bills and making a certain amount of money every month. Unfortunately, mother market doesn’t care at all about you. Continuous focussing on the monthly expenses led me to take bad trade decisions and get me into the worst situation.


69. Reserve your profits for expanding your trading operations; do not spend your profits on acquiring the material things. Being influenced by the money to simply succumb as you maintain your daily p&l account. Mother markets doesn’t care about you daily profit and loss. It always matter a right trade.


70. Find the strategy which suits your personality, suits your temperament, matches with your thoughts, control your nerves. But even after finding that system I experienced emotional swing during my trade on the system. You have to control your emotion and must stick to your trading system with discipline the only you can overcome with greed and fear factor.



nifty intraday Share Market  tips for indian investors -tips 71 to 80:


71.Mostly new traders mistaken by adopting trading strategy developed by other traders. You do not know how to handle that particular strategy in the period of high drawdown. It will disturb you psychologically, on the contrary side an established trader who developed the system can easily handle the period of losing days as it seems to be safe in the hands of the established trader, he knows that losing period is normal and expected.


72. Remember one thing slow and steady wins the race. As what many fund houses, hedge fund will do. Fundamental analyst focuses on low risk, steady moves; collect the dividends and holding the long term position till the financials of the stock support their strategy.




73.Add little wins up, they give trade a sense of betterment, a feel of positivist, better feel for the market.


74. There is no such thing as big trade most of the traders feel regret once they booked the profit and stock shoots up, they feel what could have been if I hold this stock longer. Nobody in this world will catch the tops and bottom of the market. You need to understand this, young aspiring traders would get sucked into the illusion of the big trade that changes their career, and they shy away from the reality. Trading is more of a psychological game than logical.


75. One of my friends who are into day trading always said to me learning how to manage your risk always makes you big money.  He never told anyone that he is a day trader instead he said he is a risk manager. Always calculate your risk before jump into any trade by doing this you get to know whether you are mentally prepared to get into the trade or not.


76. Develop your skill in analyzing the real-time market conditions instead depend on the trading system or any technical indicator. Understands the wave pattern, movement of prices, find your edge in the market not from your trading system buy from your own skill and expertise.


77.Whether you want to become an investor, swing trader, day trader etc. take some out from the market and learn new things about the market. Do not rush into the market expecting immediate results. Stock market is not a 100m race. it is an endless marathon of learning which never ends that you will observe while trading and using intraday investment tips.


78. Application of long term strategy which has a positive edge is a key trait for trading success. Many psychological factors and unrealistic expectations limit traders to stick with a trading plan. A slow and steady application of long term strategy might not appeal you good but in long run it will give you a good profit.


79. Don’t ever try to predict the markets, understand the price action, try to listen the voice of the market, they are just like living thing which is every time wants to say something, you just need to develop your skill to listen her voice.


80. Learning to analyse the buy and sell signal from the technical trading system using the historical chart is the simplest path to trading success and profitability.



free best nifty bse intraday trading stock tips- tips 81 to 90:

81. As Tim Walker suggest, trader is a person who buys at low and right price and sell at a profit. It could be anything stocks, commodities, antiques, real estate or anything imaginable.


82. As earlier said too much analysis lead to paralysis. Analyst never makes money but trader does. Admitting your mistakes is the greatest quality of a good trader, without being able to do this you will never be able to succeed in this game for long term.




83. Stop proving yourself to the world that you are a good trader. It’s okay to be a bad trader who is honest about his skill level rather than a trader who is over confident about his abilities.


84. Everybody wants to succeed in this business but unfortunately many failed in this business. Facing losses is the first step towards earning from this market. At first if you face losses and step down from the market you are a failure but if you keep learning and struggle to find your positive edge in this market then you will be able to achieve the ladder of success.


85. I didn’t find any millionaire who did not blow up their account at least once before finally finding their niche and learning to be consistent.


86. There is no Holy Grail system available in this planet which can guarantee you 100% profit without loss. Success lies in understanding the market dynamics, psychology of the market, price action, demand and supply level. Price is a function of demand and supply, if there is more demand prices will lead and if there is less demand prices will fall.


89. you should avoid to herd mentality. this is best nifty tips that i have got form my investment guru. you know whats happens. people follows other people who are earning lots of money in stock market. they do use their brain before investing in any stock. but when they get bear loss, then they say that indraday trading is so risky. but if you use your own brain with intraday tips and don not follow the herd , then you can earn lots of gain.


90. never try to time the entire market. ever top guru of stock market cannot predict the time of market. here one of our best intraday investment tips is that try to follow one share that can be predict at some point.




free best intraday trading stock tips- Nifty tips 91 to 101:


91.  one of the best nifty tips is that investor should keep patient after investing in share. i have seen many beginners who invest money in share market while thinking prompt gain. they keep on checking the price of that stock. but price does not move fast upward and downward. they got disappointed. but here our best intraday trading tips is that you should gives some time to stock after buying it. you should check the market cycle, price how they are changing time to time.


92.  it is best nifty tips that i got from my intraday investment guru. it is responsibility of every investors to keep control on his emotion level.



97. Always try to buy those stock that is performing less. Because these stock are at their low stage of performace. But when they will recover from their out perfoming stage, they can benefit you. So here you nifty share market tips is that. Try to buy less performing stock, so that you can have more potential for earning profit.




98. Try to become your own researcher, you should research the stock that you are going to buy. Never rely on stock broker, your friends , your relative. Because ever person has his own analyzing power, some may think positive about a stock. But some person may thing negative about the same stock. So you should not rely on others person. You should do your own research. After that you can buy stock for trading purpose.  If you will not do research your side, it will become like a gambling where you will put money without thinking. So here our best nifty tips is that one should do deep analysis before buying any stock.


99. Do not rely on P/E ratio. I have seen many investor who just see the p/e ratio for buying and selling share. Here I want to say that p/e ration can be manipulated. If some stock has less p/e ration then it does not mean that it is not profitable share. Here our intraday trading tips is that you should use p/e ration with conjunction of other analyzing tools.

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100. Do not put all you money in one stock. It is golden rule of buying share which is that you should invest in different share for diversifying risk. For example: there are two brothers Ram and Shayam. Both have same amount of money which is 10000 rupees. Ram invested all his money in stock xyz limited. Shyam have invested his money in 3 share xyz limited, b limited and c limited. Due to some reason, xyz limited company shares fall down. In this situation ram got heavy loss and shyam will get less loss due to he have diversified his loss. So here our nifty tips is that you should diversify your risk for long run.


101. Do not panic on short term loss. If you are a new investors in nifty or bse stock market, you should learn this tips. You should look on big picture of you investment.




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